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What I do:

"I'm a designer, builder, teacher and photographer living in San Diego. I teach at Coronado High School and have the pleasure of teaching both beginning and advanced woodworking students. When school is not in session I maintain and build websites as well as pursuing personal photographic and furniture designing persuits.

What my friends think I do:

"Hi, I'm Ken Heskestad, chief consultant for Batman, and accreditation officer for the Justice League. Several of my previous appointments include consular to the mayor of Gotham City, ombudsman to the central school board in Springfield, and lead investigator for the water reclamation district in Aqua Man City. In my spare time, I've been working on ways to combine my two loves – speed banjo and rocket packs, and was recently invited to demonstrate for the the Earl Scruggs Salutation Memorial at NASA's JPL."
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